About CCET

The Centre for Computers in Education and Training (CCET) was established within the Electrical Engineering Department of the University of Salford in the early 1980's, by Dr Allen Flinn and a group of entreprenurial staff who wished to develop the use of Commodure Pet 8-bit computers within the educational sector.

The development of better graphics on desktop PCs meant that Computer Aided Design (CAD) was no longer the domain of large and expensive mainframe computers. In 1987, CCET started the first authorised AutoCAD training centre in the North West. Combining this with their mobiles training units, we were able to deliver high quality CAD training to a wide range of commercial customers, at clients site, in a timely fashion.

As Microsoft Office became the software of choice for many businesses, it quickly became apparent that there was a massive training need out in the workplace. For 10 years, CCET trained Word, Excel and PowerPoint to many SMEs throughout the North West and beyond.

After initally developing a number of multimedia CDROMS, from the mid 90's onwards the Internet became the key focus of our activities. We set up EDinteractive, the self-funding commercial web and media business with a strong client base within Greater Manchester as well as the UK and beyond. Over the next 18 years, we delivered a number of collaborative, EU funded, web based projects.

Now, based outside of the Universitry of Salford, CCET regularly works in collaboration with a number of partners, including Funplace2b Digital and Red Citrus Design.

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